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In 2005, Wikipedia co-founder and Wikimedia Foundation founder Jimmy Wales told a TED audience

"So, we're doing around 1.4 billion page views monthly. So, it's really gotten to be a huge thing. And everything is managed by the volunteers and the total monthly cost for our bandwidth is about US$5,000, and that's essentially our main cost. We could actually do without the employee … We actually hired Brion because he was working part-time for two years and full-time at Wikipedia so we actually hired him so he could get a life and go to the movies sometimes."

According to the WMF, Wikipedia (in all language editions) now receives 16 billion page views per month.[12] The WMF spends roughly $2 million USD per year on Internet hosting[11] and employs some 300 staff.[13] The modern Wikipedia hosts 11–12 times as many pages as it did in 2005,[14] but the WMF is spending 33 times as much on hosting,[15] has about 300 times as many employees, and is spending 1,250 times as much overall.[16] WMF's spending has gone up by 85% over the past three years.[17]

Sounds a lot like cancer, doesn't it? For those readers who were around three years ago, did you notice at the time any unmet needs that would have caused you to conclude that the WMF needed to increase spending by $30 million dollars? I certainly didn't.

From 2005 to 2015, annual inflation in the US was between 1% and 3% per year, and cumulative inflation for the entire decade was 21.4%—far less than the increase in WMF spending. We are even metastasizing the cancer by bankrolling local chapters, rewarding them for finding new ways to spend money.
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